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Hashtag Printing is a unique experience that brings physical and digital world together in real-time. It’s particularly useful for corporate events or brand activation, product launch, marketing campaign, fundraiser, weddings and more.

digital world
"Social media has become the main platform for consumers to share photos taken in events and share their experiences."

The technology behind it encourages social media exposure of an event or brand while also offering a printed artifact. Now more and more businesses get on board when it comes to giving a whole new level of interactive experiences to engage with consumers. In this 'phygital' (physical + digital) age, social media has fundamentally changed the way we do business. It’s become the main platform for consumers to share photos taken in events and share their experiences.

According to the Social Media Statistics Australia in April 2018, Australians are some of the most active social media users in the world. “Around 60% (15 Million) of the country’s population are active user on Facebook, and 50% of the country are logging onto Facebook at least once a day. Instagram has 9 Million monthly active Australian users while Twitter has 3 Million.”

It’s HUGE right?

So why not leverage with hashtag printing to generate the social buzz that your business need?

Still not convinced?

It’s definitely a perfect way to connect with your guests and get them engaged with your brand on social media, especially if you have Twitter and Instagram presence. It also gives your brand the opportunity to expand your social media outreach with people willingly sharing their photos online with your brand all over it.

Besides, nothing beats the fun and interactive element that it adds to your event plus it also serves a useful time-filler for idle guests to avoid boredom.

So here is how it works...


Just simply choose a hashtag that is unique and resonates with your brand. Ask guests to post their images using that hashtag on Twitter and/or Instagram.

Then the hashtag printer software will monitor Instagram & Twitter for photos matching that unique hashtag and will automatically download and print out the photos instantly right there leaving guests with branded photo souvenirs from the day.

Easy peasy!

Sounds like something you'd like to have at your next event? Get in touch with Luxe Boothie now!

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